Hair Services

All prices listed here are starting price points. Pricing may shift based on the plan we create for your hair texture, hair length, and timing. When you arrive we will have a thorough consultation and determine together what is the best plan of action to achieve your hair goals.

hair services

Hair Cutting

Includes wash, cut and blow dry

women’s haircut $75+
men’s haircut $60+
children’s (under 13)$45+
wash and blowout$50+
after chemical service blowout$25+

hair colour services

tint and blow out (root touch up, wash, and blow out)$65+
tint and haircut (root touch up, wash, haircut, blowout)$145+
Men’s tint & haircut (color, wash, haircut, style)$85+
highlight and blowout (classic highlight, wash, blowout)$100+
highlight and haircut (classic highlight, wash, haircut, blowout)$175+

tint, highlight,haircut (root touchup, classic highlight, wash, haircut, and blowout)$240+
tint, highlight, blowout (root touch up, classic highlight, wash, and blow out) $165+
balyage and blowout (hand painted highlighting technique and blowout)$195+
balyage and haircut (hand painted highlighting technique, haircut and blowout)$270+

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